Threaded magazine: Adopting a Culturally Connected Approach


  • Fiona Auckland University of Technology
  • Kyra Clarke Threaded Media



Cultural, Publication, Collaboration, Mātauranga Māori, Threaded magazine


It has been over ten years since the Practice Report, The site of Publication in Contemporary Practice (Grieve & Redmond, 2009) introduced the term Publication Platform to describe a series of distinctive editorial modes and publishing spaces. Central to this report was the inclusion of Threaded magazine and the role of collaboration to lead content and in doing so affect practice as a critical editorial and design strategy. This article presents the strategies on how Threaded adopted a holistic and culturally connected approach. The structure of the article examines how the publication encapsulates the three principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Participation, Protection and Partnership, as a guiding underlying foundation. This editorial model instils the uniqueness of cultural connections within because it draws from who Threaded are as a collective, determined by the people we associate and collaborate with.  The Project 16/2 will be discussed, presenting a reflection on the process of self-discovery, employing the tradition of storytelling to convey the te ihi (essence) of who Threaded is. Edition 20 and 21 advance the learnings from 16/2 and this article examines the collaboration with cultural advisors, Kaumātua and Kuia to ensure the kaupapa of these issues adhere to tikanga Māori and Mātauranga Māori kawa (protocols).  To ensure what Threaded’s editors understand, and share is authentic and appropriate, advice and guidance is seek from our Kaumatua and Kuia (elders) walking within the realm of tradition as they are the carriers of the knowledge carefully passed down from our ancestors.


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Biografia do Autor

Fiona, Auckland University of Technology

Fiona Grieve is an Academic Leader and Creative Director with 20+ years’ experience in design education, research and consultancy. She is engaged in projects that utilise collaborative processes to comprehend and distill information into visual systems. Her practice positions publication design as a reflective and reflexive research platform to facilitate educational discourse and examine practice-based research and industry contexts. She has been involved in a number of collaborations which intersect educational and professional domains of practice: THREADED is an international award winning design magazine; and FREE PLAN is the Alla Prima Project which expands on approaches to design and visual arts, assessment, curricula and studio-centred education.

Kyra Clarke, Threaded Media

Kyra Clarke is the Founder and Design Director of Threaded (an award-winning design studio) with 15+ years in the design sector. She enjoys working closely with multi-stakeholder organisations looking to activate and engage with local communities to create positive change. Her work centers mostly around collaborations with local hapū and iwi, creative communities and sustainable networks.


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