The Colophon: Where moving parts come together


  • Lucy Meyle Auckland University of Technology
  • Emily OHara Auckland University of Technology
  • Monique Redmond Auckland University of Technology



Citation, Colophon, List/Listing, Relationality, Working-with


This article considers the colophon as a conceptual structure for thinking through lists and listing within creative practice(s). A colophon, typically found at the opening/end pages of a book, documents information about the publication production, its design characteristics and the context for which it was assembled. As artists practising in the inter-related fields of social, temporal and installation practices, we enjoy thinking about how the colophon might conceptually subvert and activate the working conditions within a project. This leads us to ask, how is this conception of the colophon useful in thinking about the other types of lists and listings that make their way into our collective practices? Contents, Captions, Legends, Work Lists, Indexes, Compilations. These particular modes of listing communicate relevant and intrinsic contexts and, in that way, become part of the conceptual life of artworks/projects. The Colophon: Where moving parts come together focuses on how the colophon can contribute meaning to social, object, material and temporal forms, thereby expanding the nature of engagement with artworks and events regarding the with who or the why here. Three perspectives will be discussed, exploring how the tropes of the colophon manifest as a potential system and tactical device in contemporary art.


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Biografia do Autor

Lucy Meyle, Auckland University of Technology

Lucy Meyle is a New Zealand multidisciplinary artist. Her work includes drawing, print-making, painting, poetry, comics and zines. Her comics feature in the New Zealand comics Anthology Three Words.

Emily OHara, Auckland University of Technology

Spatial designer Emily O’Hara has an interdisciplinary practice fluctuating between performance, object, sculpture, photography and moving image. Her work circulates around questions of language, silence and ineffability in relation to mourning, the maternal, otherness and urban ruins. A keen focus on temporality and extended duration underpins her spatial practice, which weaves between theatre based scenography, film, furniture and object making, and performance with installation. Emily teaches in AUT’s School of Art + Design and completed her PhD in 2018.

Monique Redmond, Auckland University of Technology

Monique Redmond is an Aotearoa New Zealand artist living in Mt Albert, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland practising in the field of social art practice, installation, temporary and event-based practices. Her artwork is formed primarily through collaborative, material and photographic processes with a focus on the event as a durational space for everyday gestures of exchange and reciprocity. Collaborative/solo research is commonly published through exhibition and or durational art events/projects. She has been involved in several collaborations; Suburban Floral Association with Tanya Eccleston, A full season with Layne Waerea —and is a founding and active member of Public Share collective (since 2014). She completed a PhD at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia at the end of 2019; titled "The Event within Temporary Practices and the Public Social".


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MEYLE, L.; OHARA, E.; REDMOND, M. The Colophon: Where moving parts come together. Revista GEMInIS, [S. l.], v. 13, n. 2, p. 59–72, 2022. DOI: 10.53450/2179-1465.RG.2022v13i2p59-72. Disponível em: Acesso em: 30 nov. 2023.



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